Your ULTIMATE roadmap to success, both personally and professionally.

You’ve got big plans, people to love and an AMAZING contribution to make to the world.

THE EQ CODE will take you from anxious, worried and overwhelmed, to calm, confident and in charge. Finally, a proven framework that produces lasting change, quickly and effectively.
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I know EXACTLY how you feel... I've been there.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the strongest predictor of success, in every area of your life.

  • You’ve got big dreams, but something keeps holding you back

  • You are stuck in the same patterns and have no idea how to move forward

  • No matter how hard you try, you end up consumed with worry and even anxiety

  • You get triggered by other people and external stressors

  • You are tired of the emotional ups and downs, lack of control and lack of confidence

Hi, I'm Dr. Shyamala

Mindset & Relationship Expert

I’ve spent the last 20 years teaching people how to master their mindset, communicate with confidence and build authentic connections. Why? Because, mindset and relationship management skills are the strongest predictor of success. My mission is to help people have High Performance Relationships in every area of their life. I hold a Masters in Counselling and a Doctorate in Marriage and Family. I'm slightly obsessed with all things relationships :) Most importantly, I am the Chief Inspiring Officer to my incredible daughter. She is the reason I am so committed to showing up as my best self and contributing fully to my mission. I want to help you do the same.
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Dr. Shyamala

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If you are ready for real results, The EQ Code is for you.

Get access to the strategic roadmap designed to show you how to execute the skills necessary for success, both personally and professionally. You will learn the EXACT formula that will allow you to:

  • Change the thinking patterns that keep you stuck

  • Re-wire your brain from worried and overwhelmed to calm and confident

  • Overcome fears and take action on your goals

  • Ask for what you need without feeling guilty

  • Communicate in a way that exudes confidence

  • Navigate your relationships with ease


Do you want access to our exclusive formula, designed to rewire your brain for confidence, connection and success?

THE EQ CODE is a strategic, solution-focused framework designed to get your toxic thoughts under control. THE EQ CODE not only teaches you how to manage your emotions, but also teaches you EXACTLY how to develop a mindset that is optimized for success. The best part? This program delivers results quickly, and for the long-term.
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Comprehensive Content

The EQ Code Includes our 3 Pillars of Success:

  • Pillar #1: Mindset Mastery (8 Modules)

    Our foundational course, Mindset Mastery, includes 8 video modules, a PDF of each of the lessons and a comprehensive 45-page workbook. Learn how to take control of your thoughts and re-wire your brain for success.

  • Pillar #2: Communicate with Confidence (8 Modules)

    Our second pillar of success, Communicate with Confidence, includes 8 video modules, a PDF of each of the lessons and a comprehensive 45-page workbook. Learn how to communicate assertively and with confidence.

  • Pillar #3: Authentic Connection (4 Modules)

    Our third pillar of success, Authentic Connection, includes 4 video modules, a PDF of each of the lessons and a comprehensive 22-page workbook. Learn how to navigate your relationships with ease.

Still have doubts?

I got you.

  • Getting support is expensive

    Agreed. Accessing support is a often a big investment of time and money. I believe that everyone deserves amazing relationships. The EQ Code gives you access to high-level service through practical content and strategic coaching.

  • Change takes too long

    I agree completely. Traditional approaches can take months, if not years before you begin seeing results. Many clients seek our services when they've exhausted other options. If you've tried getting help before and left feeling frustrated, I understand. Most of our clients come to us because they want real, long-term change that doesn't take forever. After all, you've got major contributions to make to the world.

  • Getting support is intimidating

    I hear you. It can be a little intimidating and, at times, simply inconvenient. That’s why we have a unique approach that allows you to access a practical roadmap to success that is accessible from the comfort of your home. I am confident that The EQ Code offers a solution that is highly effective at helping you reach your goals.

Time to level up.

When we have High Performance Relationships, we are able to contribute fully to our mission and show up for the people that matter most.

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